Xr3 - Linux RedRat2 Remote Toolkit

Control your A/V stack with the Click of a Mouse.

Xr3 is package of Linux tools for the RedRat2 serial port based Learning IR Remote Control. It was initially developed for use with a ReplayTV Personal Video Recorder(PVR) but has now been expanded to handle any kind of IR controlled A/V equipment. The package includes:

  • mr3 - A Control Panel Driver using the Motif Toolkit
  • gr3 - A Control Panel Driver using Gtk
  • p2rr - A Pronto to RedRat2 IR record converter
  • rrDecode - A RedRat2 IR record decoder
  • testRedRat - A very simple RedRat2 test program
  • tvChannelSelector - A simple TV channel selector using nice icons
  • mkTVchannelSelector - A tool to help make TV channel panels for above.

A separate ReplayTV package includes:

  • replaySearch - A command line tool for driving the ReplayTV search engine.
  • replaySearchTool - A GUI designed to make searching for shows easy and intuative.

Here is a screenshot showing ALL the remote control panels that I have built for my A/V stack. I have a TV card in my Linux machine and am watching the ReplayTV on it. The screenshot shows remote panels for my DVD/VCR/PVR/TV as well as a number of TV Channel Selection panels. Also shown is a Control Panel for the Gatos TV viewing program and a prototype skins based remote based on K-jofol. The replaySearch program had just been run via the command line and the ReplayTV is showing the results of the search. In the background is my treeps process monitor.

Here is screenshot of the replayTVsearchTool GUI in action. See the ReplayTV RedRat2 Tools page for more details on PVR's, Linux and the RedRat2.

Creating a control panel is a simple three step process:

    Capture the IR codes from the devices Remote Control.
    Create some Icons for the desired buttons.
    Create a simple flat file that defines the Remote.
No Programming required!!! You can create a custom remote control panel in just a few minutes! Each panel can have any number of buttons and labels arranged to your preference, separators can be used to distinguish functionally different areas. Each button and label has a tooltip, also an option menu or combo box can be used for mode setting type commands.

The actions, i.e. buttons and menu selections, are bound to a simple shell command, by default the ir perl script from David Kramer. This excellent script forms the current backend interface to the RedRat2 and is also used to perform IR captures. You can call other programs as well, for example I also use this toolkit to remotely drive a slightly modified Gatos TV viewing program.


    All Remotes        1280x1024 (470k) And Gatos with replaySearch Results
    All Remotes        1000x800  (302k) Dito but smaller image
    Coming Attractions 1000x800  (250k) Skined Remotes
    Artsy Screenshot   1000x800  (279k) "Millenium Wall" 

Individual Remotes:

    ReplayTV Remote(Gtk)   38k
    ReplayTV Remote(Motif) 37k
    TiVo Remote            22k
    DVD Remote             32k
    VCR Remote             32k
    Gatos Remote           26k
    Channel Selector      136k

    Sneek Peek at Some  Next Release Remotes


	xr3-0.3.tgz	(~175k) The program sources, ir codes, panels ...

	replayTVSearch-1.0.tgz (~31k) Program Sources, search string DB


The xr3 programs requires Gtk or some flavor of Motif, replayTVsearchTool requires Gtk.

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Last update: Julu/09/2002